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Am I Eligible for Membership Coverage?

Our 30,000+ LECMPA members come from many areas of the transportation industry and various crafts within those industries. Eligibility for membership involves meeting the following criteria:

  • You must be a unionized transportation worker in good standing, with current dues.
  • You must be free of any discipline or incident that may lead to discipline for the three years immediately preceding your application. (Some exceptions may apply to maintenance crafts.)
  • You must not be on any type of probation.

If you have more questions about eligility for LECMPA coverage, read our elibigility FAQs.  Out on furlough and want to inactivate your policy while still maintaining eligibility for our Loyalty Appreciation program? Read our inactivating your policy FAQs.

To determine your specific coverage options, visit our plans and rates page.

What is Covered?

Specific unions and crafts have different causes of discipline. LECMPA has a policy with coverage that is right for you.

Click here to read a letter from our President explaining how LECMPA pays you for rule violations.

Listed below are example causes for each craft in which claims have been paid.

Engineers, Conductors, Dispatchers

  • Operating outside track and time authority limits
  • Run through switches
  • Improper reporting of placement of cars
  • Failure to properly secure consist
  • Switches not properly lined
  • Causing delay to hump operations
  • Sideswiping cars
  • Fouling the track
  • Entering main track without permission

For more information, read our Group A brochure for more information.

TCU Clerks

  • Failure to notify crew of changes in the train consist
  • Failure to notify dispatcher of re-sequenced hazardous material cars in consist
  • Failure to complete the change in train consist form
  • Entering Form B without proper authority
  • Phone being used had open microphones
  • Collision damaging a railroad vehicle
  • Incorrectly reporting train into yard
  • Reporting for duty without required minimum rest

For more information, read our TCU Clerks brochure for more information.

Rail Crafts

  • Improper installation of switch
  • Fouling adjacent track occupied with moving equipment
  • Failure to properly handle main track switch
  • Vehicle collision
  • Track authority violation
  • Failure to obtain permission to enter work area
  • Failure to report track conditions
  • Moving consist resulting in property damage
  • Improper use of radio
  • Failed to stop equipment within one-half the range
    of vision

For more information, read our Group B brochure for more information.

Car Department and Shop workers

  • Vehicle accident damaging company vehicle
  • Improper job briefings
  • Blue flag violations
  • Missing FRA defects
  • Improper use of tools
  • Mistakes in car and locomotive inspections
  • Improper switch tag lock-outs
  • Failure to secure units
  • Incorrect derail placements
  • Incomplete car and locomotive air tests

For more information, read our Car Department and Shop brochure.

UPS Drivers/Teamsters

  • Rollaway accident
  • Failure to properly charge ready area
  • Taking too long to load truck
  • Jack-knifed and rolled over on highway
  • Left keys in ignition
  • Failure to properly secure bulkhead door
  • Sheeting packages incorrectly
  • Vehicle accident
  • Trailer test tug failed

For more information, read our UPS Driver brochure.

UPS & Truckers/IAMAW

  • Vehicle Collisions
  • Mistakes in Inspections
  • Improper use of tools/equipment
  • Incomplete Tests
  • Allegedly delaying repairs

For more information, read our UPS & Truckers IAMAW brochure.

Communications and Signal workers

  • Vehicle accident damaging company vehicle
  • Disabled relay for crossing warning device
  • Failure to obtain proper authority to occupy track
  • Failure to properly protect a crossing with problems
  • Improper repair of wires resulting in false proceed
  • Fouled live class yard track without protection
  • Ran over track and time limits of authority
  • Failure to see improper warning lights on crossing gate
  • Failure to correct activation failures

For more information, read our Communication and Signal brochure.

Loyal Members Are Rewarded!

Don’t forget that LECMPA rewards loyal members with a Loyalty Appreciation bonus.