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Loyalty Appreciation Program

Since the start of the Loyalty Appreciation Program in 2010, hundreds of members have been awarded a generous loyalty bonus. Now entering our second century of business, LECMPA knows what it means to be loyal through lean times and times of prosperity.

Our Loyalty Appreciation Program is just one more way we strive to serve our members and their families. We always put the well-being of our members first.

Full benefits accrue when you maintain $102/day or more, on the following schedule:

Loyalty Appreciation Bonus
Years of Active Membership Loyalty Bonus
5 years $250.00
10 years $550.00
15 years $850.00
20 years $1150.00
25 years $1450.00
30 years $1750.00
35 years $2050.00
40 years $2500.00

For a complete description of our Loyalty Appreciation Program and answers to any questions you have, please review the Loyalty Appreciation brochure.