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A Norfolk Southern engineer explains it’s not if, but when you’ll need job insurance

Scott Copeland talks about how he could have lost everything without his LECMPA job insurance policy.

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An LECMPA State Manager describes our claims handling process

As the people responsible for insuring your wages, we want to protect you and your family. Shari Tomac explains our claims handling process and describes why LECMPA is on your side.

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A Union Pacific engineer talks about providing relief for families in stressful times

Although an accidental death is difficult to get through, having Accidental Death coverage can ease the burden.

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This engineer has had LECMPA his entire career

Who wouldn’t want a legally binding document when it comes time to collect on your job insurance?

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A veteran engineer tells why he wants all railroaders protected

Experience tells this retired engineer that LECMPA job insurance can be the difference between being able to put food on the table or not.

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A former CSX conductor talks about protecting his young family

A former conductor tells his tale of being put out of service on Christmas Eve.

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