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Benefits of LECMPA Job Insurance

Claims that we typically cover include:

  • When “Dishonesty” is NOT dishonesty
  • Rollaway accident
  • Failure to properly charge ready area
  • Taking too long to load truck
  • Jack-knifed and rolled over on highway
  • Left keys in ignition
  • Failure to properly secure bulkhead door
  • Sheeting packages incorrectly
  • Vehicle accident
  • Trailer test tug failure

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Why LECMPA Job Insurance?

Missing out on hard earned wages means stress for both you and your family. As a transportation professional, you know how vital your position is. With increasing demand to pick-up, transport and deliver various packages, your job is challenging. Whether you work for UPS or another transportation company, it is imperative that you have job insurance. Why? Accidents happen and sometimes, no matter the circumstance, accidents can cost you your paycheck.

How quickly would your bills pile up if you lost your paycheck? How would your absent income affect your family? Luckily, there is a way for you to protect your hard-earned money and stop the worries before they begin. With LECMPA, your income is protected from suspension without pay for a premium that is much more affordable than losing your job.

When you join LECMPA, you can rely on the financial support of the entire membership to help you make it through tough situations. Your payments and the payments of other members, protect the families and assets of all LECMPA members when dealing with discipline, dismissal and even accidental death. Our policy includes matching Accidental Death coverage for both you and your beneficiary at no extra charge. (Coverage for beneficiary not available in California and Texas.) Click here for additional benefits.

Coverage Options

LECMPA wants to help you keep your money, which is why we provide multiple levels of cost-effective options to protect you in the event of an incident where your pay is withheld. Benefit amounts are insured by daily rate, ranging from $60 to $252 in increments of $3. Benefits are paid weekly by electronic transfer.
We work hard to build relationships with our members because we know that each situation is unique and believe it should be treated as such. When a claim is filed, we evaluate it to better understand your situation and get you what you deserve. Keep working hard and let us cover the rest. You’ve earned it. Contact us today.