Transportation workers protecting each other since 1910.

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General Questions

Do you have a question about the Association, its non-profit status, union membership, or our owners?

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Eligibility Questions

Are you wondering who is eligible for LECMPA membership?

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Application Questions

Want to know more about how to apply for membership and how premiums are paid?

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Calculating Your Coverage Questions

Want to know how to calculate your daily rate and what wages you can insure?

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Claims Questions

Do you want to know how to make a claim or when you will be paid?

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Inactivating a Policy Questions

Are you wondering about how to inactivate your policy due to furlough or injury?

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Premium Payment Questions

Q. When will the first premium come out of my check? A. If you select payroll deduction to pay your premiums, the deduction for the third month will occur sometime during your second month of coverage, depending upon the carrier. This is because it usually takes payroll deduction payments a month to reach us. Q. [...]

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