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About Us

LECMPA was established in 1910 as a cooperative assessment insurer. Members now include workers in all union transportation crafts who are concerned with the effects of the harsh discipline on railroad families.

A Proud Past, A Faithful Future

Today, LECMPA job insurance provides wage loss protection to unionized transportation workers in all crafts and industries throughout the United States. We are a nonprofit, member-owned company with approximately 30,000 members nationwide. LECMPA is regulated by the Michigan Insurance Department, which reviews our performance every year to be sure we’re taking care of our members.

We differ from our competitors because we are owned by our members, and don’t have to satisfy shareholders who aren’t union transportation workers. That means that every decision is made with our members’ best interests in mind. And, our funds are used for claims and to protect our member’s financial security.

We Know Transportation

LECMPA maintains a national sales force composed of union transportation workers just like you. Most of our representatives are currently employed at railroad or other union transportation jobs, or retired from those jobs. Many are also satisfied LECMPA policyholders. They know firsthand what it’s like to be a transportation worker, and how important job insurance is to properly support your family and give you peace of mind.

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