Transportation workers protecting each other since 1910.

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LECMPA Protection...
  • 1. Gives you freedom from worry over how expenses would be met if your regular paycheck was cut off due to discipline.
  • 2. Makes you more efficient on the job because it removes the nervous strain over what would happen if discipline overtook you.
  • 3. Helps you and your family enjoy better health. Worry is recognized as a vital cause of many ailments.
  • 1. All transportation employees who belong to a standard Union, with the required seniority and a good record, are eligible.
  • 2. Benefit checks on discharge claims are mailed weekly and continue until reinstated or until the full amount of policy is paid.
  • 3. There are no communications with officials of transportation companies concerning claims or other matters. Your membership in the Association is strictly private.
  • 4. Claims are passed on promptly without red tape and if established under policy provisions are paid immediately.
  • 5. LECMPA's No. 7 & No. 10 policies revert to full current maximum value upon reinstatement by employer. There are no deductions for claim payments.
  • 6. Maximum protection issued takes into account other job protection carried.
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Transportation workers protecting each other since 1910.

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